Corporate Foties:
A Corporate Street Invasion

Rough Draft Mission:

Originally, a group of us were trying to figure out how to get a bunch of people to wear costumes and have a theme night on Fry St.  In my experience, costumes and themes tend to gather some very creative and interesting people.  We discover new friendships and new people discover a welcoming group that does not operate under the normal social dynamics in everyday life. Well, the idea bubbled up out of several conversations among friends and it hit us -- most everyone has a suit.  Costumes are time consuming to make or expensive to rent. The next thing we knew a family of friends were panhandling for dry cleaning money on the curb.  It was so fun and absurd, people wanted to keep doing it.  I think we need to have a prize for the most absurd neck-tie.

We knew that mixing alchol and strange looking people might be volatile, so we take safety and lawfullness very seriously.  For example, it is now illegal to drink anything out of a glass container on Fry st.  A few people didn't realize that so we get them into plastic cups as soon as possible.  We also have to make sure no minors are drinking in our midst, and a lot of us help to ensure that.  We are constantly cleaning up cups and cans.  I won't even leave the area unless it looks as good or better than we found it.  It would be great to add recycling and get packs of suits with brooms and dust- pans cleaning the 'office'.  Fry st. just doesn't seem able to keep itself clean.  Hey kids, cigarette butts are ugly litter too.

It is an intersting accident that it has become a performance art about society or politics.  We have no real political agenda, though each participant may.  If we were protesting anything, we wouldn't be on Fry
st. doing it in costume.  It is the interactions between the participants that changes them and the people that come up and chat with us.  Everyone explains what is going on in a different way, and to me that is fascinating. It is like a reunion of chosen family, except that its open to other people and grows somehow.

I would really love to see a free-for-all costume night on Fry st. where SuperHero A is arguing space colonization with BadGuy X in front of a Red Rabbit complaining about earth's carrots.  It can be
as strange as it can be beautiful.  In fact, Cupid addressed the board at our last meeting, and wanted us to go valentine's carrolling this year-- cards he argued, were impersonal.

A lot of the energetic and creative people that have made C40 possible came from another 2 experiments last year. The Bryan St. Fair(s) were free music-art festivals that were held on the principle that the community creates it and everyone has fun and maybe in the process we energize others to be more involved in community building. There are a ton of artists that get little recognition in this town, but if we team up anything is possible.

Hope this helps,
-Employee #4

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